K800K Streaming Puppy Cam Video Solutions

Keep track of your best-loved pets wirelessly. Puppy camera video system Works with dogs, cats, lizards, rodents, all pets whose well-being you care about. The K800K pet cam lets you see what your dog or cat is up to while you're away. From your computer, smart phone, or iPad, you'll be able to watch over all your favorite pets, no matter where you are.
  • home security
  • baby monitoring
  • puppy cam
  • business security
All around viewing camera
With almost 360 degrees of sideways pan, and close to 90 degree up and down, your pet camera has practically the whole room in its sights. So whether your pet's curled up asleep in her basket, or is up at the window barking at the mailman, you'll get to see all the action, as well the inertia.
puppy cam video on devices
audio of puppy cam
Talk to your pet with two way-audio
Two-way audio feature built in the cam, lets you talk to your dog while you're away. So just because you're out of the house doesn't mean you can't make like you're still around. Keep him on his toes with some simple commands. He might even answer you back. You'll hear him if he does.
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Share live pet and puppy video
Share live video of your puppy's antics with friends and family.
Your puppy cam lets you instantly create a URL link for instant viewers. When the link is opened, the viewer gets to watch live streaming video direct from your puppy cam. Now that's sharing.
share live video of puppy
snap dog by puppy camera
Record video of your dog or take photographs
Imagine recording a video of your dog while he's home alone tearing up the furniture. Or snapping candid photos while he sleeps on the couch. Imagine being able to monitor his progress when he's not feeling well. Imagine it first, then go ahead and do it. From anywhere you want.
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