K800K Digital Baby Video Monitor Solution

The digital baby video monitor solution delivers live streaming video of your children into the palm of your hands, your lap, and onto your desktop pc or Mac. Monitoring your kids wherever you are in the world. The digital monitoring solution brings peace of mind for you, for the children, and also for your baby sitter.
  • home security
  • baby monitoring
  • puppy cam
  • business security
Mom video monitoring baby
All of the room, all of the kids, all of the time
Your digital baby video monitor helps you keep track of the kids when you're not around. Pan sideways, up and down, even in circles. No part of the room will be hidden away from the wireless cam and from your all-seeing eye. And if you don't let on you've installed one, your new super powers will scare the pants off them.
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Three things remotely you can do with your kids
Record your kids, photograph them, and talk with them about their homework, all without going anywhere near their room.
That alone has to be worth the price of the camera.
Digital baby video monitor with audio
Baby monitoring live share
Share live video with anyone you want. Instantly
All that you'd expect from a digital baby video monitor, and more than you'd ever considered. Keep the old folks in the loop with live video sent straight to their phone. This way you only invite them over when you really need them.
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Record your kids safely from far away
Remember when grandpa took out the video camera equipped with a floodlight that could have lit up Yankee Stadium? There's no floodlight now, and you don't even need to be in the same room to make digital videos. You just sign into your account and click on the record button.
recording digital baby video
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